İngilizce Deneme Testleri 4

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    1-20. sorularda, cümlede boş bırakılan yerlere uygun düşen sözcük ya da ifadeyi bulunuz.

    1) The ________ between Susan and her younger sister is so great that they are often mistaken for twins.
    A) description B) hindsight C) likeness
    D) fluctuation E) relationship

    2) The _______ of Britain in 1066 by the Roman invaders from France marked a major turning point in the country’s history.
    A) discovery B) adventure C) voyage
    D) exploration E) conquest

    3) Although Jennifer has now recovered from her illness, it has really _______ her, and she will have to take things easy for a while.
    A) softened B) reduced C) committed
    D) indicated E) weakened

    4) When it came to light that several of the voters had accepted bribes, the election was ______ invalid.
    A) delivered B) released C) declared
    D) promised E) introduced
    5) The weather is so ______ that I never know whether to take my sunglasses, my umbrella, my thick jumper, or all three!
    A) humid B) variable C) frosty
    D) mild E) bitter

    6) We are lucky that a _______ library comes to our village once a week, so we don’t have to travel far to get something to read.
    A) changeable B) portable C) shifting
    D) mobile E) loose

    7) He _______ told them the wrong bus time because he didn’t want them to go with him.
    A) deliberately B) considerately
    C) thoughtfully D) unconsciously
    E) unintentionally

    8) Because we had spent far too much during our holiday, we had ______ enough to pay our hotel bill.
    A) vitally B) vaguely C) gradually
    D) smoothly E) barely

    9) The policy commentators have recently _______ many suggestions, but a decision is unlikely until after next year's general election. We wait and see.
    A) given out B) fallen through
    C) put forward D) told off
    E) taken up

    10) Mark Thompson was ______ as one of the most outstanding male dancers of the decade in the 19th century.
    A) made up B) laid down
    C) told off D) showed up
    E) picked out

    11) If we keep to our plans for future and don’t go out of business, our company _________ in this field for three decades by 2015.
    A) will have been operating
    B) has been operating
    C) will be operating
    D) will have operated
    E) is going to operate

    12) When he learnt that the plane ______ off for another two hours, he felt frustrated because he ____ late for the opening ceremony of the department store.
    A) hadn’t taken / was going to be
    B) didn’t take / should be
    C) wouldn’t take / might be
    D) hadn’t been taking / will be
    E) hasn’t taken / may be

    13) Sociologists _____ that children _______ with enough education although they cannot agree on what is enough.
    A) have emphasized / could be providing
    B) emphasize / should be provided
    C) are emphasizing / must provide
    D) emphasized / will have provided
    E) will emphasize / have to be provided

    14) There ____ so much debate over the project if only you ____ their demand for a minor modification.
    A) won’t be / would have accepted
    B) isn’t / have accepted
    C) wouldn’t be / could have accepted
    D) might not have been / had accepted
    E) shouldn’t be / accept

    15) I really wish you ____ on my being your partner in this venture. Look how much debt we are both in now.
    A) hadn’t insisted
    B) didn’t insist
    C) shouldn’t have insisted
    D) haven’t insisted
    E) won’t be insisting

    16) We cannot leave home and go shopping _____ the rain keeps falling heavily. Then what will we cook for the guests this evening?
    A) unless B) providing C) after
    D) until E) if so

    17) ____ we or the other team will win the victory in this match is not so important, but I still want you to do your best to win it.
    A) That B) What C) Whether
    D) Why E) How much

    18) _____irrelevant my question may seem to the issue under discussion, you’ll notice its significance if you look from another point of view.
    A) How B) Although C) Because
    D) However E) Provided

    19) The kidnapped person who is back home has announced to the reporters that he ___ not like a captive but like a guest.
    A) is treated B) had treated
    C) treated D) was treated
    E) has been treated

    20) _________ she was held up in heavy traffic unfortunately caused her to miss the job interview.
    A) When B) How C) Whether
    D) Because E) The fact that





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